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Below you will discover the links to General Officers' Reports.​


 **Board of Bishops Program Including Minutes Link


1 - General Secretary-Auditor

     General Secretary-Auditor Narrative Link

     Department Of Records & Research Audit Link

2 - Executive Director, Church Growth and Development

     Church Growth and Development Narrative Link

     Department Of Church Growth And Development Audit Link

3 - Chief Financial Officer

     Chief Financial Officer Narrative Link

     Connectional Budget Department Audit Link

4 - Chief Operating Officer

     Chief Operating Officer Narrative Link

     Publishing House Audit Link

     The Varick RenaissanceCenter Audit Link

5 - Chief Communications Officer

     Chief Communications Officer Narrative Link

     Chief Communications Officer Audit Link

6 - General Secretary, Christian Education

     General Secretary of Christian Education Narrative Link

     General Secretary of Christian Education Audit Link

7 - Executive Director, Global Missions

     Global Missions Narrative Link

     The Global Missions Department Audit Link

8 - Executive Director, Zion Benefits Services

     Zion Benefits Services Narrative Link

     Zion Benefits Serivces Plan DocumentLink

     Zion Benefits Services, Inc. Audit Link

9 - Director, Public Affairs and Convention Management

     Narrative (Report Not Received)

     Department of Public Affairs & Social Affairs Audit Link

10 - President, Connectional Lay Council

       Connectional Lay Council Narrative Link

11 - President,  Harriet Tubman Home 

       Tubman Connection Council 2018 Narrative Link

12 - WH&OMS

        WH&OMS International President Narrative Link

13 - A.M.E. Zion University

       President A.M.E. Zion University NarrativeLink

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