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The A.M.E. Zion General Officers Descriptions & Application

General Officers' Job descriptions are attached below:​

  • Chief Financial Officer | Link

  • Chief Communications Officer | Link

  • Church Growth and Development Officer | Link

  • Chief Operations Officer and Business Manager | Link

  • Director of Public Affairs and Convention Management | Link

  • Executive Director of Global Missions | Link

  • General Secretary of Christian Education | Link

  • General Secretary-Auditor | Link

  • Executive Director of ​Zion Benefits Services | Link

Below you will find link to the General Officers's Application. Also, you may upload your recommendations, resume, essay and other credentials for processing. Click on the Givelify Link to pay application fee and background check.

General Officer's Application | Link

Create a new application packet including:

Applications for General Officers

  • Resume

  • Presiding Elder District and Episcopal District Recommendations

  • Birth Certificate (optional) (mail to General Secretary)

  • Official Transcripts and Certifications (mail to General Secretary)

  • Ability to be Bonded (based upon the level of fiscal management required)

  • Consent and fee ($35.00) for Criminal Background check

  • 500-750 word essay describing gifts, competencies and abilities held to qualify for the respective candidate position

  • Application Fee: ($250.00)

Upload Information (once all information is collected, save to a file and then upload to this link): | Link

Pay for Application and Background Check Fees | Givelify Link

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